Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What I Checked Out at the Library ...

Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

Cracking the Millionaire Code by Mark Victor Hansen (If crack the code and make a mint, my blog will be the first to know rofl)

And the book I wanted to check out that was unavailable, which comes heavily recommended by my friend Marian: Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson, the story of "one man's mission to promote peace, one school at a time." I hear it is AMAZING. Anyone out there familiar?

I also checked for Twilight on the off chance that one of the paperback copies would be available, thinking maybe, maybe it had been long enough for the hype to have settled down.

No such luck. It is hypier than ever.

And thus ends this edition of pumpkintrina's eclectic book tastes. I warn you, I love literature and do a bit of writing myself, so these types of posts may be fairly common on my blog. Three unfinished novels gather dust at this very minute in my hard drive. The latest has a good hook -- it's the semiautobiographical story of two teenage girls, one of whom becomes pregnant. Her friend agrees to be her labor coach, and much silliness and drama ensues. The book is divided into three trimesters instead of parts ... *sigh* it needs finishing, I know. Along with the disorderly garage, the boxes of semi-organized drudgery in my basement and the roots of my hair. It gets done in the minutes between other things, slowly but surely in creative moments when the story becomes clear to me. Everything else in life requires such rushing, it's OK to take my time about this one thing.

Tonight, I'm not rushing. I'm also not writing. Tonight, I am on the other side of the pen. Time to start learning how to crack that darn millionaire code. :)

*dons reading glasses*

Good night. :)



Kim said...

Hope you enjoy your books tonight! I'll be watching for your reviews! ;0)