Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ten things that happened in my life today ...

1. Pumpkin daughter has to have allergy shots, says our illustrious ENT. His last name is Drankwalter, isn't that an interesting surname?

2. I went shopping for a billboard for my program. Road trip!

3. I had lunch with a coworker who had a dream that me and her superviser were yelling at her. I told her she needs yoga and stop eating chocolate before bed. Good advice.

4. When I picked up pumpkin daughter from soccer practice, the sun was shining across the cornfields and everything looked the color of spun gold. The dust in the air with the sunshine was so beautiful, and I felt so at peace that it made me smile.

5. Me and aforementioned coworker found a number of whoopsie-daisies on the backroads in search of the perfect billboard. There was giggling and clutching of stomachs involved. :) If you think this little joyride on a perfect almost-fall day is sounding like a good excuse to get out of our offices and go country cruising, you are ... completely wrong. :D It was allll business. *bats eyelashes and looks innocent*

6. I bought a book of stamps. Now I can mail thank you cards to all my lovely friends who sent me school clothes for the pumpkin kids -- I am so grateful for the wonderful, generous people in my life. It would be so hard to be a single mom without them. *loves the friends*

7. Wished my little sister a happy birthday. She's 32 today, and for her special day, her youngest came down with the always fun hand, foot and mouth disease. She didn't seem too chuffed about it; when I visited pumpkin sister, pumpkin niece was out jumping on the trampoline with nary a care in the world. Got to love little ones who don't realize they are allowed to be miserable when they are sick.

8. I learned all about prime factorization courtesy of pumpkin son.

9. I used my crockpot (go me!) to make beef stroganoff. The kids said the noodles were mushy. Hmm. The kitchen is so not my special place.

10. My mother came to the food pantry at my work. Somehow, she got the impression she was only going to get $3.99 worth of food. Instead, they set her up with packs of meat, fresh fruits and veggies, milk, and all sorts of good stuff. She was impressed. It felt good that my mom thinks we do a good job with that part of our work. :) It was her first time at the food pantry, so I'm glad it was pleasant and she was treated with respect and caring. She had a hard time making herself go, but I encouraged her that it would be OK -- so I am glad that it was.

*yawns* That's all for today. Today is gone, today was fun, tomorrow is another one ... :)